Winter weather will soon be here, and with it comes the possibility of power outages caused by snow and ice storms.

Follow these steps

When the power goes out, take the following steps to protect your property and family:

  • If you use a portable generator, isolate it from our power lines. Generators that are not isolated can feed back into the utility company’s electrical system and possibly electrocute anyone coming into contact with those wires.
  • Be extra careful when using kerosene heaters and fireplaces. 
  • Keep exterior door openings to a minimum.
  • Limit refrigerator and freezer door openings to prevent food spoilage. 
  • Never use outdoor grills or gas-powered generators inside or in attached garages. This could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be deadly.
  • Turn off large appliances that come on automatically, as well as appliances you were using when the outage occurred. Disconnect sensitive electronics to avoid damage from surges or lightning strikes.
  • When the power comes back on, give the system a chance to stabilize by turning appliances back on gradually.
  • Winter storms can bring down trees and power lines. Please remember to stay away from any downed lines (including power, telephone or cable) and call 911 to report them immediately. 
  • Do not touch any object that is in contact with downed power lines — especially objects that can transmit electricity such as water and metal. 
  • Never drive your car over power lines. If a power line falls over your vehicle while you are driving, stay inside your vehicle until you receive appropriate help. 

Watch for power restoration crews

In the event of major outages, rest assured that our crews will be working around the clock to restore power. Keep the following in mind if you see our crews working:

  • Because of the location of many power lines, utility employees frequently work along roadsides. The North Carolina Move Over Law requires motorists to reduce speed and move their vehicles into a nearby lane if possible when approaching or passing any public service or utility vehicle that is operating a warning signal. 

Stay off the roads

In extreme weather, it’s better to keep off the roads unless it’s an absolute emergency:

  • If you see crews working in your area, please don’t go near them. They are working in dangerous surroundings. Your distraction could present a hazard and slow their progress.